What is the Nationalatlas of Sweden (SNA)?

SNA is the official thematic atlas of Sweden. The current National Atlas is primarily financed through government funding, and to some extent income from the sale of SNA products.

www.sna.se is the website of the Nationalatlas of Sweden and part of our longterm plans and efforts to work less with paper editions and more with electronic media. The move towards the web is made easier thru the SNA databas - a databas of maps and related information that was created in close partnership with our paper editions. The SNA database today include a large amount of geographic and statistic information.

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SNA products and their current status


17 books are currently available in both Swedish and English. The next book, Atlas of Skåne (Swedish only), will be released on September 20, 1999.

The PC-Atlas for Windows

Current version is 1.1. In September 1999 we will be releasing 1.2 which primarily contains more current statistical data.

  • Gazetteer - The most popular place on www.sna.se! Planned improvements include map zoom (based on the 1:700,000 Map of Sweden from Maps and Mapping), improved help ...
  • WebAtlas - approximately 700 thematic maps of Sweden will be online during the fall of 1999. An interactive Map of Sweden at a scale of 1:700,000. More statistics and graphs to visualize the SNA database. Stay tuned for more info!

Please contact SNA for more information on the National Atlas of Sweden.
Created 1999-09-01, updated 1999-09-07.